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Life Insurance Stories

While your situation is unique, you do share similarities with others. Hearing real life insurance stories from others will help you clarify what outcomes you would desire if you were to suffer unexpected death, sickness or accident. The stories are real, and their message is powerful.

Life Insurance Stories – Melissa Wandall

Being a financial services professional, Mark Wandall understood the importance of insurance and the need to protect himself and his wife, Melissa. Sadly, at age 30, Mark was killed in an auto accident by someone who ran a red light.

Life Insurance Stories – Frank Ames

With two young children, Frank and Laura Ames knew life insurance was a must. Frank was only able to qualify for a small policy due to health challenges, but Laura got preferred rates and a much larger policy. Ironically, it was Laura who was diagnosed with cancer shortly thereafter. Laura succumbed to the disease several years later, but smart insurance planning has left Frank and the kids with a legacy of long-term financial security.

Life Insurance Stories – Sarah Lewis

Each year Dr. David Lewis, a pediatrician from Wisconsin, spent time in Ecuador providing healthcare to indigent children. David died of a heart attack during one of his trips, but his decision to purchase life insurance meant that Sarah would have time to grieve and provide her three young children with the attention and support they needed. The funds provided by the policy also allowed her to keep the family home, and hire a nanny to help with the kids.

Life Insurance Stories – Joe Tyler

Right after Joe Tyler’s daughter was born, both Joe, a consultant, and his wife Caroline, a stay-at-home mom, purchased life insurance. Less than a year later, Caroline died of cancer at age 33.

Life Insurance Stories – Remi Winand

Jim Winand was 28 when he purchased his first life insurance policy. He taught parasailing for a living and was fit and muscular, but he had recently gotten engaged and wasn’t the type to leave anything to chance.

Life Insurance Stories – Tara Newby

Preston lost his life helping an accident victim. Farmers helped keep this family tragedy from becoming a financial one as well. Hear Tara Newby describe her tragic experience and how her agent helped her family prepare for the unexpected.

Life Insurance Stories – The Canter Family

Hear the story of Brijna Canter, the 2007 LIFE Lessons grand prize recipient of a $5,000 LIFE scholarship. Brijna’s story demonstrates how the lack of life insurance impacted her and her family’s lives. Hear this emotional story of adversity and perseverance.

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