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Direct Life Insurance Companies: Real Life Insurance

By: Stephen Handley
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Real Insurance is a part of the Hollard Insurance Group of Life Insurance Companies. Real Life Insurance (Family Life Cover) pays your chosen benefit as a lump sum to you or your beneficiaries in the event of your death or terminal illness. It’s pure life insurance with no fancy frills – providing a substantial amount of cover – from $100,000 up to $1 million – at a reasonable cost

Who can apply?

  • All Australian residents aged 18 to 64 can apply
  • You can apply for up to $1 million cover, depending on your age (refer to Cover levels)
  • No medical or blood tests
  • Apply over the phone – no forms to fill out
  • Cover starts from just $1.46 a week for $100,000 benefity
  • Single or Joint cover options
  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • Benefit paid for death by any cause from day 1, except suicide in the first 13 months
  • 100% benefit paid if you are diagnosed as terminally ill
  • $10,000 Advance Funeral Benefit while your claim is being assessed
  • Free interim Accidental Death Cover – for up to 30 days if your application needs to be assessed
  • Monthly or fortnightly payment options
  • 30 day cooling off period
  • A range of optional covers you can add to your life insurance (refer to Optional Covers)